About Tori Soudan…

A true artist and visionary, her purpose, which was born out of a love for fashion, began at just 9 years old in her hometown of Stratford, Connecticut where her mother taught her to make fancy Easter dresses. As a teenager, Tori progressed to designing prom gowns for classmates. Her inspiration to design footwear came in 1994 when she studied abroad and saw a demonstration given by a master shoemaker near Venice, Italy. She was struck by the intricacies of old world shoe making and embarked on her vision to design footwear of impeccable quality for women. She went on to graduate Spelman College with honors and after studying design at the famed Parson’s Institute of Design in NYC and interning with American sportswear designer Tommy Hilfiger, Tori was ready to give women what she knew they deserved, the most superlative shoes imaginable and in 2011, she debuted her first collection.

Today the Tori Soudan Shoe Collection is about timeless sophistication and sexy, fearless style. For Tori, shoes are emotional and she designs stories as she calls them that express the unstoppable Tori Soudan woman and that inspire women to look into their closet with fresh eyes. Her designs, which are handmade in Italy by master artisans, are also evocative of her love of art, photography, fashion and exotic destinations, all of which translate into a heady dose of color, texture, wit and directional detailing – be it architectural shapes or a provocative combination of unique skins and opulent fabrics.  “I love creating dimensions in my designs, I play with light and reflection, smooth vs soft surfaces and sheen vs matte as it’s essential to me to move beyond the ordinary into something that denotes distinction.” 

A born observant, Tori makes the connection between fine design and comfort and the women who appreciate both.  It is this connection that has made her indisputably glamorous collection a national success story attracting women from all corridors, both through direct sales on-line and at posh salon-events, including celebrities Carrie Underwood, Debbie Allen, Uzo Aduba, Tasha Smith, Angela Bassett, Sonya Walger, Rochelle Aytes, Andy Allo, Beth Dover, Erika Ash, Aisha Hinds, Candice Patton, Cara Buono and a host of others. Its no wonder she’s enjoyed a wealth of media attention from such popular networks such as CNN and Good Morning America, been featured in such national publications as ESSENCE Magazine, and cited by numerous fashion bloggers as a must have” brand. Tori believes that women should dress from the shoes up and with every collection she passionately gives them a reason to do so.